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UST (Underground Storage Tank) compliance inspections

We physically enter your UST’s and perform various tests on your tanks to see that your tanks comply with local, state, and federal regulations.  Our internal inspection of your UST consists of the following: First we will pump out any fuel in the tank, and perge the tank with air until it reaches a safe level to enter the tank.

Next we will physically enter your UST with the proper PPE and clean out any residues or sludge and dry it up.  Once your tank is clean and isolated from ay fuel source the next step is to do a thorough visual inspection of the inside of the tank.  We are looking for defects in the lining material – blistering, cracking, peeling, etc.  Now we perform a UT scan (ultra sound).  We use the UT machine to do a spot check in a 3’ grid of your tank to determine the steels integrity and it must be 75% of the tanks original thickness.

The next step is to inspect the tanks lining.  In the same 3’ grid we will do a thickness, hardness, and holiday spark test to find flaws in the lining.  We can repair lining up to 30%.  Once these tests are completed we will sweep up any debris left in the tank and seal the man way with a new gasket and bolts.

AST (Above ground Storage Tank) and facility compliance inspections

Complete inspection of your bulk fuel plant per STI SP001 consists of visual and mechanical inspection of your tanks.  The containment, piping, over-fill prevention mechanisms and alarms and everything associated with the function of your AST.  Unlike a lot of our competitors we also offer internal cleanings and inspection of your AST’s including visual and UT (ultra sound) scan of the steel integrity of the tank floor.

Other things we have the ability to perform are:  Sand blasting the interior and spraying an epoxy lining in the interior of a tank.

If your tank floor needs some repair due to some localized corrosion i.e., a spot here and a sport there, we can weld patches and epoxy line the floor as long as the rest of the floor meets UT requirements.

If the tank floor doesn’t pass the UT, but the rest of the tank is in good shape we can weld a double bottom and add a new life to your AST.


We build above ground skid tanks for mobil fueling systems and folding platform loading racks for bulk fueling plants.  We provide quality piping and component installs such as, underground fiberglass re-piping, aboveground welded piping, spill bucket replacements, oil water separator for all island dispensers, new meters, under dispenser sumps, transitional sumps, tank riser replacements, concrete pours, sand blasting, structural welding, small excavations, etc.


Our certifications and experience allow us to perform tightness testing, cathodic protection testing (impressed current and galvanic), hydro static testing, interior lining test, and steel thickness testing.

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